Be Different and get your own pro model!

We get to meet some amazing people in our line of work and sadly only a few ever get to realize their dreams of living for their passion. No more! We decided to lend a hand to those who deserve it and help make their dreams reality. We're talking cash here boys and girls!

We invite all of you to join our community and show us what makes you Different, show us your passion in life that drives you to achieve more. Impress others with some insane action, unique personal expression or just plain craziness and collect as many likes as you can.

The top five on 1 August 2011 will be invited for an interview with us so we can decide who gets their own signature pro model. The chosen guy or girl will become a true sponsored pro with a chance to be involved in the design of their sunglasses, take part in some awesome Different events and get a share of cash from each of their pro model shades we sell to finance their dream.

  • Join our community

    1. Join our community

    Sign up at the site or use your Facebook account and become one of the Different people.

  • Show us

    2. Show us why you are Different

    Find a video or photo that best shows why you are Different enough to be a pro. You can write it down, draw pictures, sing songs, do backflips, whatever makes you happy. Maybe you can talk to birds or juggle beer cans. There must be something that makes you different. Don’t be afraid, show it to the world and you never know what can happen!

  • Get to top 60

    3. Get to TOP 5 Different people

    Five contributors with the most likes get in to the final interview with a jury that will choose the winner!


Achieve more! Be Different!


Competition rules:

No copyrighted material. Don't sell other people's stuff as your own, be yourself!
Obey the law. Criminal is not the type of Different we are looking for.
Be nice. Obscenity and violence of any kind is not cool.
Entries that break the rules will be removed.
Detailed info about privacy and copyright is available here.

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